2 Simple Steps To Hit The Golf Ball Longer

by Aaron Fagan on October 27, 2010

Every golfer wants to hit the ball longer. We all see the PGA Tour pros hitting 300 yard drives and 190 yard seven irons and desire to hit the ball such great distances. This article will give you two simple pointers to hit the golf ball further.

When trying to maximize distance a golfer needs to remember which clubs are designed to be hit far and which clubs are designed to be hit close to the hole. Generally, the five iron through the wedges are intended to be hit accurately and close to the hole. On the other hand the longer clubs are designed to hit the ball long distances.

Two factors determine how far the golf ball goes. How fast was the club head moving through impact? How solid did you hit the ball on the club face?

The first thing golfers need to remember is to strike the ball solid to create distance. A club that is moving at 110 miles per hour is not going to result in significant distance if it is not contacting the ball on the center of the club face. Solid contact always results in greater distance than a glancing blow.

Try this quick drill to work on solid contact. Place masking tape on the face of your club and hit five to ten shots. Look at the masking tape as it will provide immediate feedback as to the quality of contact you are making with the ball. Strive to consistently make contact on the club’s sweet spot.

Use the following as a guide to better contact:

1. For contact low on the club face, hit down more on the ball. You are probably trying to help the golf ball into the air.

2. If contact is on the toe, your club is getting closer to your body through impact. Place a tee in the ground just inside your golf club at address. Hit some shots where you hit the golf ball without hitting the tee to the inside. Try the opposite if you are hitting the ball off of the heel.

The second distance factor is club head speed. Ideally, a golfer will have his or her club moving fastest through the hitting zone. What often happens is the golfer gets anxious and swings really hard from the top of the backswing. The result is the club head moving faster to start the downswing that at impact.

A quick cure is to hold your driver at the club head end away from the grip. Make practice swings and pay close attention to the woosh of the club. Where the loudest noise is produced the club is moving the fastest. The key is for the loudest noise to happen just before impact through the hitting zone. This helps to ensure that the club head is accelerating through impact.

The feedback provided by these drills will help you drive the golf ball farther.

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wowgold October 27, 2010 at 8:16 pm

I love golf although I’m really so not good at it, so thanks very much for your tips!


kvm lcd November 3, 2010 at 12:20 am

I like this post very much because i like golf very much.


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