3 Ways To Get Golfing Fit

by nobogies on March 29, 2011

Top touring professional will all tell you that you need much more that just a great game of golf  to winning a tour. Every aspect of the physical and mental factors that influence your performance must be properly understood. Here are three tips to help you tweak your golf game so you can achieve optimum performance:

  • Throw out the traditional gym equipment focusing on isolating specific muscle groups and require no stabilization work through concentrating on specific muscle groups. what you want to do is integrate fitness equipment allowing you to move more functionally. These may include cable machines, fitness balls., medicine balls, balance disks, traditional dumbbells along with using your own body weight.
  • Increase the stability of your core through more efficient movement that creates more efficient power. Over a long period of time, golfers may maintain an athletic posture that require both trunk and core stabilization and endurance. Provide a solid base of support for rotation in addition to proper transfer of power throughout the body by increasing your strength and endurance in the core region.
  • During exercises you may want to also vary your planes of motion. This is supplied through a focused golf fitness program as you make it part of your weekly strength routine. These planes include front to back motions, left to right and rotational exercises. Examples of these include multi-directional lunges and medicine ball wood chops.

As you can see, it takes focus for a golfer to concentrate on key areas in his fitness regime as his program should be specifically focused. Not just go to the gym for getting fit. Doing this is a key factor to lifting your game to a higher level.

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