5 Golf Tee Trends

by Vern on July 28, 2010

Whether you are brand new to the game, play golf in college or are knee deep in a successful golf career, all golfers no matter what level of play they are at have one thing in common: they use golf tees.

As silly as it may seem, there are some hot new trends in the world of golf tees and it can really pay to know what’s popular and available now. Why? Because every golfer wants to do either improve his or her game in any way they can, and/or have more fun while they play.

Tees, believe it or not, can play a great role in this. Like the fashions and clubs available to golf players, tees have also developed and changed over the years. There are more options to choose from for today’s golfer compared to yesteryear’s golfer, and more ways to improve your game or your enjoyment of it.

Let’s look at the following trends in golf tees.

1. People Are Able to Choose the Color of the Tees

Gone are the days of just boring white golf tees. Now if you fancy yourself teeing off of a hot pink or neon green tee, you can. And many people are!

2. The Emergence of “Techno Tees”

That’s right, in this digital age of iPads and smart phones, even your golf tee is getting smart and high-tech. Techno tees incorporate different ways to get your drive to go straighter and farther, whether using technology to enhance balance, or even new spring-loaded tees. You have to see them to believe them.

3. Golfers Beginning to Prefer Longer Tees

Drivers are increasingly larger and larger, and to go with them, the tees are getting longer as well. It’s a trend that has been increasing over the past few years and shows no sign of stopping.

4. Matching Tee Length with a Color System

To go along with both number one, people choosing different colors for their golf tees, as well as number three, golfers preferring longer tees, this is an interesting trend which sees more golfers using tees that use a color-coordinated system for easily identifying different tee lengths.

5. Flavored Golf Tees

Yes, you read that right. All golfers do it on occasion, absentmindedly sticking the end of their tee in their mouth as they wait for their next tee-off. Well now a growing trend for those nibblers out on the green or just people who love a great conversation starter or novelty item, now golfers can have a better taste than old-fashioned wood in their mouths. From this, the invention of TeeZels – pretzels shaped like golf tees – were made. Talk about a perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Golf tees are one of those small things (literally!) in the game of golf that are extremely important but maybe not always given due thought. But the fact is, everyone needs them. And besides that, they can be fun and can have a style all their own, making them fun to give or receive as gifts, gestures of appreciation and friendship, or just basic camaraderie on the green.

About the Author: The College of Golf is a division of Keiser University and a golf career college. To view the program options at the College of Golf, visit CollegeofGolf.com.

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