Correcting Your Golf Grip To Improve Your Game Pt 1

by Authopublisher on March 21, 2011

Golfing magazines make great use to equip their readers about different aspects of the game. You may find the correct magazine through trial and error but no person wants to pay for a membership that offers bad advice. It seems a focus of magazines is on the basics catering to beginners and rookies, to keep the circulation of the magazines high. One of those basics one needs to constantly pay attention to is your golf grip. It’s actually a vital part of a golfers game.

This is the starting point of practicing your game. A weak and pliable grip results is a weak and lame swing. A grip that’s too hard and stiff produces a swing that’s better suited for baseball than golf. When one first holds a golf club in ones hand there’s not a lot of instruction on exactly how to do it. The only advise one may receive is to lace ones fingers in the right direction. Hanging on tight onto the club and whacking the ball like you would with a baseball bat will only leave broken windows in your wake.

A good understanding of a better golf grip can lower your scores significantly and also improve your control. Let’s look at how a proper grip works:

  • With your left hand, grip your club handle. You should shake hands with the golf clubs and meet the knuckles of your left middle joint of the forefinger reaching around two inches from the the top of the club handle and the bottom three fingers approaching the base of the club.
  • Then place your right hands fingers from the base of the grip and place then over your hand up. Join the action taking your grasp around the golf handle. Let the club handle rest firmly toward the base of the fingers toward the hand.
  • Reverse this if you’re left handed.
  • Look down at your hands position and find a ‘V’ shape formed by the thumb and forefinger on your left hand. This ‘V’ should be directed to your right shoulder, precisely in the middle of it.
  • Now it’s time to adjust your grip so the club is situated at the base of your fingers toward your palm.
Golf Grip

Golf Grip

This may feel awkward at first, but adjusting the grip accordingly it should actually feel pretty normal. You should get comfortable with this grip so you don’t have to adjust your grip for 20 minutes before every stroke. You should try getting to the point where this part of gripping becomes natural and automatic.

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