Correcting Your Golf Grip To Improve Your Game Pt 2

by nobogies on March 22, 2011

Proper Golf Grip

A Proper Golf Grip

This the second of a two part post on correcting your golf grip to improve your game

As soon as you’ve mastered the basics of a great golf grip, it’s time to move into focusing on the finer details. Here are some imporved tips to build onto the tips you received in our previous post:

  • Allow for a little flex to your left wrist. The wrist should look like it’s ‘cupping’ the staff through the angle it has. Keep on trying until you get your wrists relaxed and the precise angle in motion is achieved.
  • The ‘V’ shape we previously spoke about should be aimed up toward your right ear. The suggesting to aiming properly asumes you are gripping the club during your stance approaching a golf swing.
  • While you are concentrating heavily on the previous, make sure you aim your golf ball properly with your palm. The palm on your right hand sends the ball in the direction it will travel through the air, make sure it is aimed correctly. This will work great providing your grip on the golf club is accurate and both your hands melt together as a unit.
  • Try your best to get your hands to work together and in sync with the rest of your body. If your grip on the golf club is distinct but natural, your entire body is encouraged to work cohesively from the grip all the way to the end of the golf club. This will allow you to produce a swing that will carry the ball the direction you aimed it to go and as far as you intended to hit it.

Remember to practice your gold swing as often as you can. Carry the follow through all the way through your body. This will eliminate chop-shots that only happen because of an uncomfortable grip on the club. It’s advisable to spend some time on a driving range, make minor adjustments while you practice to get it as close to perfection as you can. You don’t want to practice a new technique or small adjustment while out with some golfing associates.

White Knuckles

‘White Knuckling the club is common when learning new grips or swings. Because the golfer is nervous he administers ‘death grip’ on the club because he is nervous about his swing technique or the minor adjustments he has made. Just relax and enjoy the progress you are making with every swing.Opposite to this, you also don’t want to grip the club with limp hands. It eliminates the control you’ve gained when you adjusted your grip the last time. This creates a very sloppy swing and follow through. Grip the club firmly in your grasp and be confident when you’re holding it. This attitude will help you flatten the head of the club when it makes contact with the ball assisting you in a cleaner slice.

Yes, this is the basics of giving your golf game an overhaul. You should remember that every individual’s body is different, so sometimes the smallest adjustment will make the world of difference to your game. Remember that during the time it takes to unlearn bad habits could cost your overall game, so it’s best to get this part of your sessions done as soon as possible.

Get yourself some professional help correcting your golf grip to improve your game.

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