David Leadbetter Swing Setter Pro

by nobogies on May 13, 2017

David Leadbetter Swing Setter Pro Special Bonus – Free Leadbetter Unplugged DVD ($14.95 Value) – Supplies Limited The original David Leadbetter SwingSetter was designed to develop your golf swing indoors without a ball to get the feel for a good swing. The new SwingSetter Pro will give you feedback from hitting golf balls and allowing you to take that same feel out onto the golf course. The SwingSetter Pro will help golfers of all levels. Even for the very best players in the world, the golf swing is a difficult motion to repeat day in and day out. However if your fundamentals are solid, your ability to have a consistent, repeating golfswing is far greater. The SwingSetter Pro is the secret for you to play your best golf. It’s simple to use and you’ll immediately see results. For teachers, it is difficult to get the feeling of the proper golf swing across to the student and not just tell him what to do. The SwingSetter Pro allows the player to feel the correct swing. The real beauty of the SwingSetter Pro is that you really don’t need a teacher to make improvements. Don’t Waste Your Time Hitting Ball After Ball on the Range Without Any Feedback on Your Swing! With The SwingSetter Pro You Will Feel Where You Have to Be and What You Have to Do to Consistently Hit Great Shots! The biggest revelation have when using SwingSetter Pro is that they are easily able to feel what they have to do to hit good shots. Equally important, if they hit a bad shot, they know what they have done wrong and how to fix it. You’re going to be amazed at how solidly, consistently and far you’re going to hit the golf ball. Practicing for just a few minutes with the Swing Setter Pro will fix all of your basic swing faults and with only a little use, allow you to maintain a consistent and powerful swing. The SwingSetter Pro is the simplest, fastest way to develop the feel for a great golf swing. You can swing it at home or hit balls at the range and it’s the perfect way to warm up for a round. “I guarantee that the SwingSetter Pro will have you hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently the very first time you use it.” –David Leadbetter. The SwingSetter Pro corrects the five basic faults that hold back almost every golfer from quickly and easily improving their swing; • A poor grip • Incorrect wrist cock • The dreaded over the top/outside in path • No release or whip of the club head at impact • Poor rhythm

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