Improve Your Golf Game With a Golf GPS

by Darren Zahradnik on April 5, 2010

Sure Shot GPS 8800

Sure Shot GPS 8800

Golf GPS Systems definitely add more enjoyment to the game. A lot of things have been said about the game of golf. In general you can either identify with them or chuckle at them.

Never the less there are a few things that are indeed true about this magnificent game. Golf can be rewarding, it can be exciting and it is definitely challenging. Playing your game with less stress can only lead to more fun. However, playing your game with a golf GPS system can only lead to a better score.

A golf GPS system has the answers you need. How often during a round of golf have you wondered, what is the yardage remaining to the green? You can probable count the number of times that you haven’t wondered that question on one hand. A Golf GPS is designed to give you the yardages you need instantaneously so there is no guessing or pacing or adding and subtracting.

A golf GPS takes all the worrying out of the game. You never have to speculate how far it is to carry that sandtrap or how far it is to the end of the dogleg, it’s all there in the palm of your hand. By taking the guess work out of the game for you a golf GPS effectively improves your game instantly. What a win-win situation!

Going from the tee to green is easier than ever. There are so many benefits to having one of these units on hand. A golf GPS can not only give you the yardages you need but it will tell you the distance of every shot you take with whatever club you use. That is precious information and it will improve your game.

Bobby Jones once said, “It’s nothing new or original to say that golf is played one stroke at a time. But it took me many years to realize it.” Yes golf is played one stroke at a time and one hole at a time. With a golf GPS, each stroke becomes a tiny bit simpler and perhaps a lot more precise.

If you have a golf GPS you have a huge advantage over your playing partners . As more and more golf courses are added to those that are already professionally mapped, the opportunities open up for avid golfers around the globe.

A Golf GPS system is the perfect way to advance your game. The flexibility that the software offers is incredible. If you ‘re not into knowing exactly how they work all you need to know is that they work and work very well! After all, who wants to worry about the display settings, operating system, or resolution of the display screen? You’re in the middle of a game of golf! Performance is what the game is all about, isn’t it? Of course it is, and that is exactly why a golf GPS system is so critical to your game.

Advances in equipment have led trendsetter golf GPS systems into the forefront of must have golf equipment . The accuracy of positioning information has improved dramatically. What if your scores could improve just as dramatically . The opening is there too! After all, with a Golf GPS system, the player has better access to the information she needs to select the perfect club for creating the perfect shot. Taking the guesswork out reduces human error and increases the opportunity to achieve a better shot, a better game, and a better score.

This revolutionary gadget is powerful enough to provide instantaneous yardage without the pencil and paper scribbling that used to occur. Global positioning satellites track up to 40 hazards per hole including bunkers, water hazards, doglegs and those sneaky false fronts.

The choices of Golf GPS systems designed for the game are many , but the choice to improve your game is singular. Choose to improve your game today by getting a golf GPS. It’s a no brainer when it comes to achieving the lowest possible handicap. A GPS designed for the golf course is like a GPS designed to put an unwavering smile on your face, a steady aim in your swing, and a birdie on your score card.

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Lady Gaga fan April 6, 2010 at 8:04 am

That’s sort of cheating, no?

Sort of similarly, wouldn’t a golf ball with built in GPS be brilliant? You’d never lose your ball again!
.-= Lady Gaga fan´s last blog ..Lady Gaga – Q Magazine photo shoot pictures =-.


Steve April 6, 2010 at 4:35 pm

While one of these might be able to tell me that there is 200 still to go to the front of the green, it wont stop me slicing my shot will it now lol. But in all seriousness I can see how these could really help people bring down their scores, especially those players who are already hovering around par but still misjudge shots sometimes and go a club too long or short.


Certified SEO Vietnam September 17, 2010 at 10:18 pm

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