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Quickly and easily find the best sites for each of these golf related subjects:

  • The Rules of Golf
  • Search for Golf Courses, Book Tee Times, Compare  Green Fees
  • Teaching Golf Pros (Those who give lessons in person in a specific location)
  • Teaching Golf Pros (Those who teach online or sell books or other information
  • Golf Equipment: Bags, Balls, Clubs, Carts, Other
  • Golf Clothing
  • Golf Shoes
  • Golf Courses
  • Current Golf Events
  • Golf Pros (Sites ABOUT those currently on the Pro Tour)
  • Retired Golf Pros (Sites about famous or retired golfers)
  • Request a new golf related topic

There are so many great blogs, sites and online stores related to golf that locating the best is a major challenge. Instead of a long list few will ever read we are offering the multiple sub-niche pages above to make adding and finding exactly what you desire fast and easy.

  • Simply find the page above to see ONLY the sites related to that subject.
  • If there is no page covering your interest yet leave a comment with your request and we will research and add one.


You are invited to leave a description of your golf related site or store includinginks on each page that is closely related to what they offer.

(Unrelated entries will be deleted.) Let us know if you don’t see a page for every product or service you offer and we’ll add it. Just leave a comment in THIS post requesting a new page. We will be making the changes necessary for your links to be dofollow and will also feature the best sites both on these pages and in additional posts in our blog.

Our lists are created and edited manually for maximum quality. What have we missed? Leave us a comment on the Request Golf Topics page and we’ll be glad to add it.

[NOTE: We are currently working on creating each of these posts. The links will be active as soon as the pages are added.]

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