How to take your son golfing for the first time.

by AdamRiemer on April 4, 2012

If you love golf then I can almost guarantee it is something that you will want to share with your son.  But what if your son has no interest in sports or in golf?  Here are a few ways for you to help get your son excited for his first game of golf and to be able to bond with him while you’re golfing.

In The Morning.

Before you get up to get your tee, buy him a new boys robe that matches yours.  You may even want to find golf pajamas for kids that he can sleep in that night.  Then bring him to the bathroom with you and show him how to do things like shave or use cologne and deodorant if he hasn’t started yet.  This can help him to start feeling more grown up.  The next thing you’ll want to do is to have picked out some really cool golf clothes for him to wear that either match yours or would be cool to wear out with his friends afterwards.  Not only will it help him fit in, but it’ll help to get him excited to go to the course.

Once you get to the course.

One of the most important things is to let him ask questions about the golf balls, clubs, etc… and make decisions on his own about what he should use.  You can then show him what you use and why and help him select his first set of everything that he’ll need.  You may also want to let him use the driving range to practice teeing off before you start the real game so he can have a good head start.

If your golf course allows it, let him drive the cart from hole to hole as that can be exciting for a new golfer to be able to do.  You can also let him choose the snacks and the drinks for the trip so that he has everything he wants including comfort snacks in case he doesn’t do well and starts to stress out.  If there is a hole that seems to challenging for him, don’t force him to play it, but if he starts, you can always offer some tips and take the first shot where he is stuck to show him how to get out of a sand trap or if he is off the green.  Make sure you are supportive while you are there and you can also talk about the first time you went golfing and why you love it.

As you are finishing the game, one thing you can do is to have a gift like golf cufflinks or an engraved wallet or money holder waiting in your golf bag that you can give him to help him remember his first time golfing with you.  If you are supportive enough and can get him to enjoy it, he’ll always remember his first golfing game with his dad.  Another time when you can give him the gift is if you are doing lunch after your game.

Let him order lunch for both of you and talk about the game.  Then as you are eating or just before the food comes out, that is when you can give him the gift.  The gift is something that he will love and will always remember his first day of golfing with you and it can help to make you bond even closer with your son.

One of the most exciting things about taking your son golfing for the first time is that you get to share something you love with your son and that you get to bond with him.  If he ends up loving golf, you’ll have something you can do together for the rest of your lives and you can plan golfing trips with him for the future.  Golfing is a great way to spend quality time with your son and to be able to develop a bond with him.  Think about what else you can do to make it an even more memorable trip that he will love and remember.

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