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by GolfTelepathy on September 6, 2010

There’s a Modern Day ‘Real Life’ Happy Gilmore out there.  And He’s teaching the Happy Gilmore Swing!  The cool thing  is he claims that by learning this swing, you will learn Real Golf automatically.

We were amazed by these claims. So we decided to interview ‘Mr. Happy Gilmore’  himself, Eric Larson, A Golf Professional and creator of the new Golf Telepathy Learning System.

What we found was most intriguing to say the least.  You can visit Golf Telepathy Golf Instruction website and learn more for yourself.  If you’ve ever thought of learning the Happy Gilmore Swing, then this is the place.  At the very least you will be able to amaze your friends with your new swing…

However you may surprise yourself and become a great golfer too!

Here is a copy  the interview With Eric Larson.

Golf Reviews: Recently We spoke to Eric Larson and GTS©, from Los Angeles, Ca.
Eric is a self taught Golf Professional for the last 15 years, and inventor of the Controversial Golf Teaching System, Golf Telepathy™.

Learning to swing like Happy Gilmore!

According to Eric, with The Golf Telepathy System© , you can become as good as you want in golf.  Automatically.

We thought this was rather a bold claim, so we decided to put his system to the test and did some investigating of our own. What we found was not only interesting but pretty amazing Too!

We interviewed Eric who was engaging and accommodating to say the least.  He seems to have a genuine interest in helping golfers overcome the age old problem in golf… Getting Better!

Although his Golf Learning System Is Unconventional, it appears to be extremely effective. To say he is controversial is an understatement.  But who says controversial is bad?
One thing is for sure, his ideas deserve a further look…

Here is what we found
Interview Date 8/1/2010
Golf Reviews: Good Morning.  This is Gail Gardner of NoBogies.com Golf Reviews.  Today we have a special guest, Eric Larson, of Golf Telepathy, and his New Golf Swing System.

Golf Reviews: Eric good morning, and welcome, how are you today?
Eric: Fine thanks Gail. I appreciate you having me here.
Golf Reviews: Certainly. Well, you’re causing quite a stir, your new golf system, aren’t you?
Eric: We’ll I guess you could say that, yes.
Golf Reviews: So let’s jump right in shall we?
Eric: Sure.
Golf Reviews: What’s the story here? Golf Telepathy? What’s with the name? And Happy Gilmore?
Eric: Yeah I know. Kind of a corny name. However I had to decide on a name that most epitomized the meaning of this system, And Golf Telepathy was that name. Happy Gilmore is more important to golf than anybody could realize. See he visually introduced motion into golf. All sports have motion in order to ‘react’ instinctively.
Golf Reviews: What do you mean by that?
Eric: Golf traditionally has been taught by thinking, not reacting. This is a reaction system. The feeling I am trying to get here is like riding a bike. And you just can’t teach that you have to feel it. By understanding Happy Gilmore, and doing the Golf Telepathy System, you can learn how to react like all other sports.
Golf Reviews: Yeah. But still telepathy?
Eric: We feel body language all the time. So you can feel ideas, and suggestions from anybody. This is like when you have a hunch, or intuition, an inkling about something. Not based on fact, but feelings. This is like learning golf by your instincts.
Golf Reviews: Great. But how does this apply to golf?
Eric: Well. Golf is taught from a static position. There is no movement in golf. Other sports have the advantage of some form of movement to get you started. Tennis throws the ball in the air. The quarterback receives the snap and all hell breaks loose. In golf the ball is not moving. So golfers go into think mode, instead of reaction mode. This system helps you get into reaction mode.
Golf Reviews: Are you saying golfers would be better off in reaction mode?
Eric: Well yes absolutely. Because you can’t think your way through an athletic move. You have to react by instincts. Happy Gilmore is way more athletic than most golf swings…
Golf Reviews: Now wait a minute, You’re not suggesting golfers “Run At The Ball”, like Happy Gilmore are you?
Eric: No. Absolutely not. We are taking the Happy Gilmore ‘idea’ of motion and inputting that into the golf swing. Some of the ‘drills’ however will include motion like this. We use motion to ‘teach’ golf, not to ‘play’ golf.
Golf Reviews: So you say your system can help golfers get into reaction mode?
Eric: For sure. Reaction is the hidden secret in golf. Once you learn how to react at the ball, you can learn golf instinctively.
Golf Reviews: So how exactly does your system do this?
Eric: By opening the reactive mind. This is done first by acceptance of the system into your subconscious mind. Then a set of drills that are done to force feed the feeling of a perfect swing into your body.
Golf Reviews: This is getting a little heavy. Subconscious mind? Drills That Force feed a feeling? What do you mean?
Eric: The subconscious is very powerful and really controls everything. The conscious mind is sort of like a filter. Making logical
decisions daily on what it will let enter the subconscious mind, and what it will write off and discard as irrelevant, or not useful. So you must get past the conscious logical mind in order to learn this system. In other words the conscious mind must accept this first. Then your subconscious can receive these ideas and can act on them. These videos will allow your conscious mind to accept this system.
Force Feeding Golf is like the same thing when you learned how bike ride. You never thought about how to actually ride the bike right? You learned by feeling. Once you had this feeling inside your body you could ride. In golf, you will perform similar ‘balance’ maneuvers while swinging the club. This balance allows you to find the center, and swing with the most efficiency.
Golf Reviews: How does it do that?
Eric: The body’ s natural protective devices want to keep the body from falling and getting hurt. So in bike riding the body says ‘let’s see, he wants to ride a bike on two wheels real fast. We need to figure out how to do this to protect him from falling’. Then the body figures out that gravity, momentum, and centrifugal force will keep you on two wheels balanced and moving as fast as you like.
Golf Reviews: I see. But I am still confused. What does this have to do with golf?
Eric: When you introduce balance into the golf swing, and then start swinging as hard as you can, your body will say the same thing. ‘Wait. This guy wants to swing a club as hard as he can, and hit the ball, while balancing. We better find the most efficient way to swing the club so he doesn’t get tired, and fall and get hurt’. The body decides that gravity, and centrifugal force will produce the most balanced and desired results with the least amount of effort.
Golf Reviews: So your learning automatically like bike riding?
Eric: Yes that’s true. You will learn as a natural by product of not falling. It’s your body’ s duty to find the most efficient swing. You do this by totally feeling the swing.
Golf Reviews: Whose swing does this system most mimic?
Eric: Freddie Couples, a smooth, effortless, powerful swing.
Golf Reviews: Well I get the idea now. So you can really learn this way?
Eric: Yes. I went from shooting in the 100+ range to the mid 70’s so for sure this can be done. Nothing else I ever tried worked. And a good friend of mine was a golf pro. That’s when I realized that this was a tough sport to learn.
Golf Reviews: So can you explain briefly how your system teaches golf?
Eric: Yes. For Sure. The Golf Telepathy System was designed for all level’ s of golfers. This is just like learning to ride a bike, or walk for that matter, for the first time. There are 60 videos in all. The first 30 will show you my swing, and demystify the traditional approach to golf instruction. You have to accept what I have is real first, before you can actually commit to do the drills that will actually teach you golf.
Golf Reviews: So how many videos in all, and how long before someone can actually get really good in golf?
Eric: 60 videos. 30 are the subliminal mindset, to demystify modern day golf instruction, and 30 are the drills.
As far as he second part of the question, I don’t mean to avoid this question, but that really depends on your desire. Although this is like bike riding, it’s just a harder bike to learn how to ride. So how bad do you want it, is really the question. The good news is this really works. Nobody has ever really dominated golf before. I mean win consistently every week like other top athletes. I believe some will go onto great success and stardom using The Golf Telepathy System. This will defiantly work and can make you as good as you like. That being said most golfers could realize their goals within a year.
Golf Reviews: Wow powerful stuff. Sounds like a golf revolution…
Eric: Yes I believe it is. I believe that nobody has mastered the game of golf so far. You must believe in a new dawn of golf instruction. You must be a rebel of sorts to try this system.. To think outside of the box. When you really want to get better, this system will work for you. Golfers are the most inconsistent of all the sports. In fact golfers carry losing records around with them every year. 1 or 2 wins and you have had a very successful year. I believe that anybody who takes hold of this system, and runs with it, can rule in golf.
Golf Reviews: So what do golfers have to do from here?
Eric: Just visit my website at the Golf Tips website and join the trial offer for just $7.95. They can test the offer out to see if it’s for them. The program is guaranteed, so if you don’t like the system just let me know within 30 days and I will give you a no questions asked refund.
Golf Reviews: We’ll I guess that’s a wrap. We want to thank you for coming on today, and we wish you the best of luck in the future and your system.
Eric: Thanks. And I just want to say to all those listening today, that if you have been frustrated by your inability to get better in golf, that you’re not alone. I was in the same position for years. So if you can relate, then take a chance on my system. I have spent 10 years and hit over 300,000 balls learning this, so I know it works. And I know it will work for you too…
Golf Reviews: Thank You.
Eric: Your welcome. And Thank You too.
Here are our thoughts from the interview:
Eric said golf handicaps have not improved in the last 100 years.  So he came to realize there must be something wrong with Modern Day Golf Instruction.
He set out on a mission to find the ‘best way’ to learn golf.  And made some amazing discoveries along the way. Watching Happy Gilmore swing, he realized other golfers had no movement.  And by moving, Happy seemed to ‘react’ at the ball, like other sports.  So Through trial and error, he tested and refined the Golf Telepathy™ Learning System.  Now he uses these ideas to teach golf automatically.  His results are truly surprising!
After nearly 15 years of practice and research, Eric is finally releasing his home study course, Golf Telepathy™ on 60 weekly videos, delivered right to your Inbox every week. The first 30 videos deal with the subliminal mindset of the Golf Telepathy™ System©, and the next 30 are the drills.  Together they form a powerful one two punch and explosive learning machine.
Golf Telepathy™ works by using a combination of logic, and subconscious hypnosis to embed a golf blueprint or swing map onto your mind.  This embedding and the drills that follow will teach you Golf naturally by using the powers of Gravity & Centrifugal force as your teachers.  Just like Happy Gilmore.  Eric says this is the same mechanism that teaches you how to ride a bike.
Does this system actually work? We can’t say for sure.  But it appears to make sense.  What the mind can conceive it can do right?
If Seeing Is Believing Then Yes It Does Work

Eric came across as personable, knowledgeable & very helpful.  As far as we can tell he has hit thousands of balls learning The Golf Telepathy™ system© . (300,000 he claims)  Actually he put on quite an amazing display of ball striking the likes of which we have never seen before.  He can hit shots with either hand, in motion, and on one foot or the other too, with uncanny accuracy.
Modern Day Happy Gilmore?

If your struggling with golf, and nothing seems to make sense, then give this a shot.  What do you have to lose?  Eric Larson is a modern day ‘real life’ Happy Gilmore!  Golf Telepathy™ comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  If it does work, your in for the treat of your life.  As with anything new, do your research, and you be the judge.
Our final thought? We have never seen anything as compelling as this before.  A truly unique system for learning golf.  You can visit the actual interview on NoBogies.com too.
Now get your Golf Coach from Golf Telepathy Today.
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September 7, 2010 at 7:43 pm

Twitter: @indoorputting

This seems completely insane, but it was well worth reading! You were right at one point to say that this was getting deep. I understand what he is saying, though. There are many things that our bodies do automatically & we might not even be aware of them at the time. Certainly, balance is part of anything we do while standing, so it does make sense that we should talk about it as part of golf. Having said that, I was glad that he did not say that we should golf angry, ala Happy Gilmore.

This is a fun article 🙂
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Jack Lenon
October 1, 2010 at 9:07 pm

Twitter: @agolfswingtempo

I totally agreed that balance is critical. Golf is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Without balance, it’s difficult to maintain the momentum in your swing arc.

I used to play very bad golf, not till I truly understand the swing secret & how to keep balance approach in my game, then my game started to change.

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miyabi December 13, 2010 at 6:11 am


I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.

I have added your site to my site.

Please link my site to your site.

Thank you!

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