Lowering Golf Scores By Improving Your Putting

by George Napoli on November 6, 2010

A lot of people enjoy the sport of golf. They find it to be a leisurely past time. They like the slow pace. However, a lot of individuals are having problems with their putting. This guide will assist you improve your putting.

There is nothing worse than a bad putt when it comes to golf. There are several factors that go into making sure a putt is effective. The first factor is the iron being used. What type of putter is the golfer using? Golfers all have a different putter that works well for them. Finding the right putter for you is one step closer to a better putt.

Technique is another issue that may be a culprit. Talk to a friend that you golf with regularly. Maybe they have noticed an irregularity in the way you approach the putt. For a more visual reference, either check out a video from the library, or watch your friends putt. They may be able to a better demonstration. For all you know, it is the technique itself. Perhaps changing it would help.

Practice is a good thing to do. There are putting greens, and ranges that can be accessed to practice the stroke. Serious golfers should consider going to the driving ranges at least twice a week to improve. Take a group of friends to make a more fun experience. Practicing with friends is the best way to get an honest critique.

Those new to golf might benefit from lessons. There are many courses that will provide lessons for a decent price. Those who belong to a country club might be able to get a discount on these lessons. There are lessons for all types of levels. From the beginner to the advanced, it never hurts to take a lesson to get better. Many require that the students have their own golf clubs.

One of the most fun ways to practice, especially with children, is to go to a miniature golf courses. These are miniature golfing greens. They contain small obstacles. They force one to use softer hands to putt the ball through the course, and make holes. It’s a great way to introduce the sport of golf to new family members. When they go to practice on a big green, parents will explain to their children often is that it is like miniature golf without the obstacles. The children like to hit a ball as far as it will go.

Hiring a teacher is not a bad idea. These are personal instructors that will focus just on their student. They will be able to hone in on your specific weaknesses. They will give advice on what can be done to make your game better. Some instructors are professional golfers. They have been on the green plenty of years, and are able to pick up on flaws in a stroke.

Following any of these tips will help you improve your putting. Friends, lessons, personal instructors, and lots of practice are just a few ways. There are many other factors. Remember to look into the equipment being used. It may be as simple as that. If you are unsure about the type of iron needed for your specific swing, talk to someone at a sporting goods store.

Also, golf training and improvement is what golf the twenty second game is all about. Focus and concentrate at the right time on the right things in the 20 seconds it takes to address the ball, set up properly and hit the shot.

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