Make The Most Of Your Golf Lessons

by nobogies on March 18, 2011

When we are still getting our game tweaked we may have to put aside our pride and either ask someone to help or solicit the services of a professional. You may think they are too critical but what you may need is some honesty and positive input.

A couple lessons at your local may not be as expensive as you may think, but your decision to have them is a good one. Taking lessons will be worth it as your game will improve exponentially, resulting in less frustration that allows you to enjoy the game more.

It is  very important to be honest with yourself about your game. When the pro asks you, feel free to tell him in what area you feel you need help with, be it your driving, chipping, putting or any other area you think needs attention. Heed his instructions carefully, especially where he may change your stance, your grip or your swing. He is the pro after all.

Feel free to ask questions at any time. You may feel like your questions seem foolish but if there’s anyone who knows that basics is important, although they may seem elementary, it’s him. He won’t make you feel like an idiot. If you don’t ‘get it’, tell your pro that. You shouldn’t walk away from a lesson with questions unanswered. You are paying for the lesson after all.

You can concentrate on one thing or more than that, depending on your level of retention or speed of learning.  You may start with a lesson in driving; getting the right grip, stance, swing and follow-through all in one lesson. Next time you’re short games or putting may need to be looked at. Whatever you pay attention to in one lesson, be sure the practice what you have learned in between lessons to make the most of the money invested in your golf lessons.

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