Discover the Mike Austin Golf Swing

by Mick Euan Tait on March 19, 2010

Whilst golfers discuss the several golf swing types, you’ll hear about the simple golf swing, the natural swing, the stack and tilt swing, the traditional swing. What’s more, when talking about the great swings of the PGA pros, you’ll hear about the Tiger Woods swing, Ernie Els swing, and Ben Hogan swing. Thus, what’s the Mike Austin swing and why do not most people know about it?

Mike Austin’s assertion to fame is that he’s the person credited with the longest drive ever in competitive golf, according to the Guinness Records. On September 25, 1974 during the U.S. National Seniors Open Championship at Winterwood Golf Course, Mike at 64 years old, hit a 515-yard drive. What was remarkable, apart from his age, was that he did it with a 43.5″ steel-shafted persimmon 10 degree loft wood driver with an old soft balata ball.

Mike was playing in a foursome with PGA Champion Chandler Harper. After driving some 400-yard drives, Chandler said, “Mike, let’s see you actually let one go.” Austin hit the golf ball on a par 4 of 450 yards. It carried to the edge of the green, bounced onto and across the green and disappeared off the back. Chandler came across a ball on the following tee box and told Austin, “That is not possible, but there’s a ball over here.” They identified the ball as Austin’s and stepped off the distance back to the center of the green. The drive was 515 yards. Even at the moment, the record even now stands as the longest drive in a golf tournament.

Mike earned a graduate degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in kinesiology and he used that understanding to develop his swing. The Mike Austin swing is unlike than the traditional PGA swing teachings in some ways, probably the most evident being how the hips slide laterally instead of turning, the club head is thrown from the top in the swing instead of getting released at the last instant, also, the golfer bends forward from the hips rather than bending using the knees.

The Mike Austin swing seems effortless and simple for the reason that he encountered a way to make use of the body’s joints in a way that they were designed to move which is a more natural way. He employed the legs as the primary power source seeing that they are the more sturdy muscle group on the body. He claimed that his swing didn’t trigger back injuries that happen to be so frequent among professional golfers and even amateurs.

In later life, Austin changed his hand action from the rolling hand-action to one which curls under, a counter-rotation of the forearms, and maintains the blade squarer for a longer time. This is one of his secrets for being able to not only drive amazing distances but additionally to make pure contact each time.

The Mike Austin swing is similar to Ben Hogan’s swing in that the transition from back-swing to downswing is started with the hips. Should you observe both of these swings, you’ll see that they generate a massive amount of club-head speed with little or no effort of the club-head through the ball. They did not rely on muscle power, in its place they equally understood how to realize a really proficient golf swing.

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