Putting Greens: Huge Selection, Some On Sale Now

by nobogies on March 22, 2017

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, you really need a putting green. They come in many sizes and a wide range of prices.

See a huge selection of Putting Greens in all shapes and sizes or click the images below to see that specific putting green.

Tour Links Designer Series 18’x23′ Putting Green

 Tour Links Designer Series 18'x23' Putting Green Tour Links Designer Series 18’x23′ Putting Green

One of the favorites of Tour Links designer Dave Barlow, this beautiful, kidney shaped green will make you the envy of every golfer in the neighborhood. With country club speed turf, plenty of fringe and four holes, this green will transform any outdoor or indoor space into an aesthetically beautiful and professional practice area that would be the pride and joy of any top tour player.

This designer green is sold as a base model which includes pre-cut panels, center panels, cups, pins and hardware. Your Tour Links sales representative will help you to decide whether you need to order the green with or without the tapered foam edge transition, based upon where you will be installing your putting green.

You have the option to select from a non-filled nylon putting turf, a partial filled nylon putting turf or a sand filled polypropylene putting turf. The turf is pre-cut with the exception of the hole locations.

For those indoor or outdoor installations that require contours to be created, the Tour Links foam contour system can be ordered as an option.

We have done much of the work for you. Pre-cut panels and pre-cut putting and fringe turf will make for an expert installation. Your job is to prepare the site and assemble. Tour Links has done the rest!

  Assembled Length: 277.67 inches        23 ft – 2 inches        7.05282 meters
 • Assembled Width:   218.57 inches        18 ft – 3 inches        5.55168 meters
 • Installation Time: Will vary depending upon location. Average between 3 to 10 hours.
 • Care Instructions: Clean panels with a soft, damp cloth. Carefully sweep or vacuum the turf. Use a leaf blower to remove larger debris. A light pressure washing may be done to remove any mold residue resulting from wet conditions. When rolling up turf for storage, roll loosely with the green side out. Never crease the turf.

Tour Links 14’x20′ Indoor/ Outdoor Putting Green

Putting Greens On Sale NowTour Links 14'x20' Indoor/ Outdoor Putting Green

Tour Links 14’x20′ Indoor/ Outdoor Putting Green

 • Weather resistant for Indoor/Outdoor use
 • Portable: Assembles/Disassembles in minutes
 • 6 Practice Green Pins
 • Turf: Tour Speed for more realistic putting
 • 6 Regulation Size Cups: Lower than the level of the turf allowing the ball to fall completely into the cup
 • Structural Molded Base
 • Player can stand on entire green
 • Elevated platform creates a level playing surface
 • Contour Pads: Create varying left-to-right and right-to-left breaks

If these aren’t exactly what you want, choose from 46 additional Golf Putting Greens here.

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