Should You Emulate Tiger Woods Golf Swing?

by Eric Larson on March 25, 2010

There are those who believe that Tiger Woods has the best swing ever. What do you think? Everybody knows he is the most intimidating golfer ever, but does that mean he has the best swing? Are they the same thing? I think not.

There are several ways to determine the best golf swing. Really it just depends on what you believe determines the best swing. Let’s take Tiger Woods swing. He wins the most right? So does that mean he has the ‘best’ swing? Few would argue his prowess on the golf course, however when you copy a swing, would hos be the best to follow? Or would you follow Phil Mickelson, who has many would say the most creative swing ever. Does this mean he has the best swing?

Tiger wins more than any other golfer in the world, so it would be hard to argue he doesn’t have the best swing in the world. Or is he the most intimidating. See there is more to winning golf than simply the swing. Does your mind interfere with your swing, and get in the way of winning. I think tiger hardly ever gets in his own way.

Everybody wants to get better in golf. Most people are following Tiger Woods because of his dynamic personality, and his intimidation factor. He wins all the time too. So now he is larger than life. A global icon. Still the question remains, does he have the best swing to copy?

Do your research. Make your best call. decide which system, or golfer to copy before you decide which system or swing to follow. Decide what’s best for you instead of which golfer is the best. Then you will truly be on the path to golf greatness.

Evaluate these options for yourself. Be sure you make your decision based on your own gut instincts, these are usually the most correct. We are sure that you will see the light and that there is a ‘best’ way to learn golf.

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