Tiger Woods’ New Golf Swing – What’s It To You?

by nobogies on March 17, 2011

Sean Foley, Tiger Woods’ coach says he gets asked oftentimes why Tiger needs a new golf swing and why. Sean is quoted on MyDessert.com as saying:

First, Tiger hasn’t needed a swing change since 2001 when he dominated golf. Secondly, he is retraining his instincts in the swing to do something he is not familiar in doing, especially under tournament pressure.

When you attempt a swing change you need to ascertain why the change is necessary and how exactly is it going to better your game. Sean says the secret to a great game lies in the ability to create higher levels of clarity in what you are feeling and seeing in the swing. This allows you to create the appropriate power and control of the flight of the golf ball to the target.

The decision to change his swing is troubling since it’s so late in Tigers’ career; with physical strength, nerves and a slow, imperceptibly but inexorably decline looming. It is reported that Tiger had three golf swings in his career and this will be the fourth he is working on.

Foley has a great understanding of the golf swing although very analytical, as is Tiger. He seems to ease into the new swing but still a little guided and forced.  Sean’s approach is a little mathematical, and golf isn’t really an exact science working out every par situation with a geometrical formula. Concentrating on math is hard enough, so trying to balance that with concentrating on your golf game proves very difficult.

Tiger has successfully managed to learn and master three golf swings in his career. For the rest of us mortals, one at a time would be a great idea.

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Empowered Golf: Tigers Swing Dilemma.

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