What Can You Do With a Golf Degree?

by Vern on March 1, 2011

If you’ve ever considered going back to school in order to better your career prospects have you thought about getting a golf degree and pursuing some of the amazing careers available in that popular and ever growing industry? While course loads are not rocket science, you will be challenged as you get prepared for new and exciting opportunities in the world of golf.

But just exactly what are some of those opportunities going to look like? Following are some options that are currently available within the business world of golf. Because there literally millions of people playing the game every year, with more entering into the fray every day, you should find that your chances of finding that perfect job is increasing versus the general shrinkage of opportunities being experienced by so many other industries.

Shorter course work which can result in an associates golf degree are likely to focus your course work in areas such as soil and fertilizers, landscape construction, and turf sciences. Many programs also offer classes to prepare you for excellence in macroeconomics or golf shop operations. If you’re so inclined you might even find club repair and fitting an interesting set of learning experiences.

With these types of skills under your belt you could easily find and compete for great jobs in the areas of sports field management, assistant golf professional, or perhaps work as a pro shop manager.

If you decide to continue on for a bachelors degree in a field like golf course management, you’ll likely be introduced to even deeper level classes such as golf environment management, landscape irrigation design, plant pathology and even land surveying.

Once you successfully graduate with a bachelors golf degree you should reasonably be able to expect some amazing management level careers in areas as diverse as athletic field management, park managers, turf specialists for golf courses as well as college and professional fields, and landscape maintenance management.

Perhaps the business side of golf is more your speed. If so, you might consider going after a degree in professional golf management. You’ll be expected to have more skills associated with playing the game so, be sure to put in plenty of time on the practice course. Class loads to prepare you for this degree might include swing analysis, tournament operations, or golf course ownership. If you’re thinking along the lines of running pro shops you’ll also be expected to take courses in hospitality management, food and beverage operations and likely some financial accounting.

The good news is there are some very well paying careers for those who focus on professional golf management. Many opportunities will provide compensation in the range of $60K all the way upwards to $100K per year. As a golf director you’ll be responsible for all things related to the game at a country club of public course. If your game warrants it, going after a lucrative head golf professional position is definitely within reason.

Have a way with words? If so, your golf degree might lead you to becoming a respected golf journalist. With all the consumers clamoring after the latest and greatest equipment and tools, you might even consider a career as a golf manufacturer sales rep.

Whatever specific career path you opt for, the first step of your journey is making the decision to get your golf degree. Do a bit of research and you’ll discover there are some well provisioned schools around the country which can provide you with the most excellent preparations to succeed in the world of golf.

About the Author: The College of Golf is a division of Keiser University and a golf management school that offers great degrees for those seeking a career in professional golf.

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