What You Can Expect In the Game of Golf in 2011

by Vern on December 27, 2010

Golf tends to be one of those sports that changes radically, when it does, and all but remains the same the vast majority of the time. As we look to the new year, 2011, and all the possibilities in the world of golf, how much change should we be prepared for? How much will these changes affect your ability to enjoy the game you love? Do you really follow the microcosm of news and events that chronicle the most minute details of a game that has been around for well over 500 years?

Assuming that change is good and you find it important, you probably subscribe to the major golfing magazines. Additionally, one of your favorite channels on tv is sure to be the Golf Channel. Even your local and national newspapers are great places to keep up on the game with all of its growth and changes. Daily and weekly periodicals tend to focus more on the matches recently past or upcoming, so you may find less information in them to provide you with knowledge about what you can expect of the game of golf in 2011.

The Internet has given rise to a massive number of websites that provide in depth focus and conversation on just about any topic you are interested in. A quick survey will show you a number of popular sites that talk regularly about where the game is today, and what you should expect of it tomorrow.

Golf equipment is, as has always been the case, likely to continue to expand and change various aspects of its offerings. Manufacturers are in the business to make and sell you stuff. If they aren’t constantly tweaking their offerings, you will not have legitimate reason to purchase their goods.

The newest advancements in golf club design are sure to find their way to the shelves in 2011. Whether they have reduced the club head’s weight by fractions of ounces, or their shaft designs have evolved to be ever lighter, stronger, and faster, next year is sure to see more than one company releasing the “next great golf club”!

The same goes with other bits of the game’s equipment. Golf balls are constantly being reviewed, refined, re-engineered. In fact, the ruling body responsible for the specifications of today’s equipment, the United States Golf Association, or U.S.G.A. has quite the back log of items they are constantly checking, testing and either approving or not, for use in competition level golf.

Most self respecting golfers support the U.S.G.A. with their membership dues. This allows the organization to remain free of sponsorship that might be provided by the very manufacturers hoping to get their equipment reviewed and approved. It is this impartiality which provides the game with an oversight necessary to keep much of it fair for the everyday player.

If you are truly interested in knowing the cutting edge of what is about to be released or upcoming to the 2011 marketplace, spending time at the USGA. website is required. If you do, you’ll learn things like the new rulings concerning the grooves manufacturers are placing on club faces. If you need to know when, where, and why a ruling like this is important, their website is one of the best places to get the pure, unadulterated news.

But regardless of what the newest, latest and greatest thing in golf is, some things remain the same. Your swing is unlikely to change in the coming year. You might buy a new set of clubs or change your golf balls, but that’s less likely due to some amazing breakthrough in technology and more to do with your swing mechanics.

If you really want to ring in the new year with change, consider learning more about this game you love so much. Perhaps you might even consider a career change that has you working on a course or in a pro shop? There are so many amazing opportunities available.

Golf schools abound. Whether you’ve always wanted to become a pro golfer or would like to run a business related to golf in some way, the chance for you to do something great in 2011 within the game of golf are very good, indeed!

About the Author: The College of Golf is a division of Keiser University and a golf college. To view the golf program options, visit CollegeofGolf.com.

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